Adnan Adil

A quagmire called Afghanistan

The United States wants Pakistan to fully focus on the success of reconciliation and peace in Afghanistan and is not worried about the eastern border The 42-year-long civil war in Afghanistan may not have exhausted Afghans, but it has taken the world by storm. Following the failure of last year’s Doha Accords, the United States […]

Bureaucracy is not politically neutral

Getting a government is one thing, but running it is another. The current crisis facing Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government is nothing new. Governments in Pakistan have repeatedly been caught in this maelstrom. Two classes are largely responsible for the crisis of governance. One is an incompetent, dishonest traditional politician and the other is a […]

How PPP holds sway over Sindh

The corruption and incompetence of the feudal lords and vassals has severely damaged not only Sindh but the whole of Pakistan. They have only one weapon for their political survival, which is to incite racial and linguistic prejudice of the Sindhis to hold the federation responsible for all its shortcomings. When their corruption is touched, […]

Only a radical surgery can cure Pakistan’s ailing economy

The federal government was going to issue sukuk bonds by mortgaging a large park and road in Islamabad but the prime minister rejected the proposal. The opposition made a lot of noise over this proposal but these political parties forgot to tell the people that even in the past periods of PPP and PML-N, the […]

How to make uniform education system succeed

Centuries ago there was a king in a far away land. His people did not love him because he was more interested in his own worldly pleasures, rather than improving the lot of common people by spending his wealth on them. He hoarded diamonds, rubies, emeralds and other valuables; stacked these in the domains of […]

Centralisation of power in provinces

The main reasons for the deterioration of the governance system in Pakistan is that with the passage of time, the district administration became weaker and power shifted from the centre to the central and provincial capitals. Superintendent Police had a lot of power. They were the pillars of the government. There used to be lot […]

Honour killing

Commodifying women folk, non implementation of relevant laws in true spirit, considering their killing as a matter of pride and criminal neglect of religious teachings has proliferated the crimes of honour killing. Every year, one thousand women are murdered heinously in the name of honor killing all over the country.Among other factors behind acceleration in […]