Asem Mustafa Awan

Saviors of Pakistan share extreme ideologies for greater good

What happens next is the promised food and money which is distributed in a manner that leaves a big question mark on the funding which these political parties dole out in the rallies The nation gets a shock when decades of poured poison turns to sweet nectar when warring factions join hands for common goals […]

Kaavan; from national treasure to national trash

Thirty-five years of captivity added with torture, chains and inadequate facilities, the lone Asiatic elephant Kaavan in‘Islamabad the beautiful’ gets his freedom after battling tooth and nail.It was the Islamabad High Court Chief Justice Athar Minallah who came as ‘savior’ for Kaavan and not the Marghzar Zoo which minted money from the creature for over […]

Free food

Hunger is a universal dilemma. Billions over the globe satiate their need by eating; some are blessed with more food and some with very little. Due to over eating one third of the world population is obese and the global obesity index in the past two decades shows alarming trends.The Corona pandemic has created havoc […]

PM orders probe The result is awaited from the bottomless pit

The youth died of police torture and the parents of the youth have gone from pillar to post to get the accused arrested. The woman has made complaint against police official raping her daughter.These reports have become everyday routine, news and insensitive policy makers remain unmoved of the poor’s predicament who continue to fall below […]

Chanting slogans with no outcome

So much goes on in ‘land of the pure,’ one is left scratching the head as where to start. There are not many government jobs available and those which are available have been booked already owing to an ‘invisible merit’ which operates with ‘connections only’ They scream at the top of their voices and register […]

Rooster pair comforts Receding waters flushes fortunes in sea

They have past their prime, they are old, weak and have survived many years as their utility in meat is also not servable.The feathered pair with rooster made a gesture which melted over a million hearts besides as many clicks and more on the social media as Karachi mega city of the world unfolded many […]

Justice far from sight in the ‘Land of Pure’

They scream and scream but there is no help as the tyrants ensure no sound come out and the legislators in Pakistan have mixed emotions over punishment for molesters and rapists.How many more news headlines will be needed to be made to make these legislators realize that eye for an eye forms the very basis […]

Flour crisis in the making Breaking news breaks commoners’ backbone

Twenty kilogram flour bag is Rs 1500 and more, the breaking news broke the back of the poor which are in abundance in Pakis-tan. There is nowhere to go for the commoner as a famous slogan that was aired for former Prime Minister Nawaz Sha-rif and current incu-mbent Prime Minister Imran Khan in the political […]

Rooster meets its maker and owner tells it all

Standing in the stagnant, contaminated and mosquito infested water left from the rain, the child with passionate voice holds the lifeless body of his rooster calling all authorities as ‘murderers’.The emotional child with his dead rooster addresses all concerned and blames everyone. How many tears he has shed no one can tell and there is […]

Police officials making headlines with no output

Police and its top officials appointments have always been a publicized affair as these individuals with absolute powers over masses are always deemed a threat by the political set up which have a marriage of convenience with authority and totalitarian governance.The reshuffling in the police cadre, as who holds the reigns of the province has […]