Ashraf Sharif

National politics Whose asset really is Jahangir Tareen?

Until yesterday, Jahangir Tareen was the Secretary General of the PTI. It was his job to hunt for electable for his party. Being one of the most successful businessman in Pakistan, he brought innovation to his party by transforming it into a corporation. In each constituency, the party counted the votes and the votes of […]

Losers out to fuel the fires

The PPP pretends to be acceptable to all and, hence, tries to please everyone. It talks about dialogue, supremacy of the constitution, respect for parliament and adherence to democratic traditions. The party still has intelligent political leaders who are capable of philosophical analysis of the situation.The party which was once full of intellectuals now has […]

Elite democracy Only the rich will win Senate polls

Senate elections are approaching very fast. New senators will replace the 52 retiring members of the 104-seat upper house of the Parliament. Due to the merger of the tribal areas in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the seats there have been abolished this time, so new senators are not being elected in place of the four retirees. Members […]

Longing for a glorious past

In 1876, Jared Diamond wrote a book, “Guns, Germs and Steel” whereby he chronicled the ways the modern world has developed. The author says that in the 13,000 years since the last ice age, literate industrial societies using metal tools have flourished in some parts of the world, while pre-literate agricultural societies have sprung up […]

Growing Indian influence in Gulf States

Gulf countries have put Hindu employees with extremist tendencies under strict vigilance to monitor their activities on the Social Media after a chef of Azadea Group which runs Italian chain of restaurants used harsh words against the Muslims. The company has removed him from his job and is undertaking investigations against him. In Sharjah, an […]