Asif Mehmood

Digital currency Where does Pakistan stand?

If dirhams and dinars can be converted to paper notes, then it is natural that in the near future, digital currency is the next development. The earliest forms of digital currency, with their prospects and possibilities, are before us. The question is, where does Pakistan stand in this whole process? Are we having any level […]

National heritage Margalla passes now called hiking trails

You may have heard the names of Khyber Pass, Gomal Pass and Bolan Pass, but are you also aware of the ancient gates of Margalla Hills which tell the stories of the past to the travelers? These are the passes that were used for transportation in the Margalla Mountains in ancient times.Not long ago, all […]

Political extremism stifling the whole society

After religious extremism, the scourge of political extremism is now engulfing society. In this world of hatred and madness, there is only a lack of a gun, otherwise politicians, like the Afghan War Lords, should divide the territory and declare their own authority. The question now is how to bring these political extremists into the […]

Margalla National Park Why is there such a commotion in the jungle?

The Margalla Hills have been declared a National Park, but do we know what a National Park means and what its requirements are? Is the National Park being treated as brutally as we are treating Margalla? This is an area of ​​about 40 km in the Margalla Mountains which was declared a National Park by […]

18th Amendment Why provinces expect funds from federation?

The PPP recited the hymns of the 18th Amendment the most. It told us that after the provinces have got financial autonomy and they are no longer in need of a federation. The PPP also said that provinces’ share will now be spent on the uplift of the provinces. Then what happened that all those […]

Is Coronavirus a taboo?

Stoking fears in the hearts of the people about COVID-19 rather than providing them cure from the resulting disease has raised question mark on the entire scenario of this pandemic. Spreading fear seems to be part of some grand design which has been on the course to unfold itself through string of events following the […]