Durdana Najam

Dasu tragedy | Pak-China friendship stands the test of time

In many quarters, the Dasu incident was portrayed as a mark of rift in Pak-China friendship, while the opposite is the caseFriendship is tested on two occasions. One in difficult times and the other in disagreements. There are many forms of difficult times. Many friends give as much as they can to give comfort, but […]

Higher education What went wrong with devolution?

We were short-sighted about education, but our helplessness in this matter was realized after the passage of the Eighteenth Amendment. With provincial autonomy, developed countries have set the stage for further development. When the proportion of the population increases or the country is a combination of different cultures, the transfer of power to the lower […]

Pakistan’s looming food insecurity

Durdana Najam Like borders, food procurement can become an equally insecure practice if left unguarded. As a country, we have been working tirelessly on national security without understanding its varying facets, because of which we had to bear with a lopsided defense budget. Not that we do not require a strong army to defend borders, […]

How voters are disrespected in Pakistan

Durdana Najam ‘Give respect to vote.’ The PML-N has raised this slogan to counter the avalanche of lawsuits, blames, and accusations of corruption resulting in the dismissal of Mian Nawaz Sharif from power. The slogan has helped PML-N in its political revival among its voters. People are told that their right to vote is not […]