Hashim Abro

The FATF fiasco and beyond

The country today is in deep turmoil. The political feuding that has ensued between the present rulers of ‘Naya Pakistan’ and the opposition parties at the platform of Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) has made for a spectacle on the level of a Shakespearean tragedy.The political antagonists just pass on buck, but they do not share […]

Deepening calamitous crisis

Pakistan today is in the middle of an economic and political crisis which is why people witness and experience failed administrations, political instability, destroyed economy, moral bankruptcy in public institutions, the rotten bureaucracy; overdependence on revenue from utility bills and taxes, public office allure – which has attracted more thieves and charlatans to politics; the […]

Sindh resents centre’s move to take over its islands

President Dr. Arif Alvi on September 1 promulgated the ordinance for establishing “Pakistan Islands Development Authority” for “development and management of islands in internal and territorial waters of Pakistan”. Its ultimate objective was stated to be development of cities on the islands. Sindh based political parties, civil society organisations, among others, have expre-ssed their dismay […]

How to close the gender gap

In the wake of contemptuous motorway gang-rape incident, there has been a lot of talk about women rights and women empowerment in the country. Since ours is not a just society, neither our past rulers nor the present ones have demonstrated the desired commitment to promote gender equality.The state recognizes the role of women in […]

Crime in the Capital

With each passing day that crime and violence are on the rise in the country. The number of citizens who have experienced and witnessed the organized crime and violence increases, and so does the extent of national trauma. It should come as no surprise to many that crime remains so disturbingly high even in Naya […]

Stand up against corruption

“What is happening in this country? “This is the question which everybody is asking nowadays in this country of ours. We live in such a society wherein 99% of its news from all sources, be it print, electronic or social media, round the clock or year-round is frightening, if it is not of crime or […]

Climate change: Floods loom as rains wreak havoc in Sindh

When I was a school going guy that time I used to hear from my elders, sages and savants that rain is a blessing and a way out of drought. Indeed, a symbol of Almighty’s love and as a flood it comes to wash away the sins of the society, but how our people in […]

Lawlessness destroying Sindh’s rural economy

We live in the age of terror and terrorism. Terrorism is widely considered to be the greatest security challenge of our time which is why like many other terrorism-hit countries, terrorism is at the top of the national security agenda in our country nowadays.Unlike other parts of Pakistan, the rural areas in Sindh has been […]

Right to quality education

Corruption plagues our Pakistani society. Our educational institutions are not immune from this epidemic of corruption. It is simply a fact of daily life within our educational system. From primary school to university level, the resources allocated to education, budgets specified for promotion of quality education are vulnerable. Officials embezzle or misspend millions of dollars […]

Justice for children When will rulers act?

Children in Naya Pakistan are in terrible situation. They are trafficked. They are deprived of education. They carry tough jobs and lose their families in endemic tribal clashes. Children bear the brunt due to socioeconomic and cultural patriarchy that suppresses the rights of children. Where are their health and education rights in this country or […]