Masud Khabeki

Stockholm syndrome and democratic system of Pakistan

It was 23 August 1973 when people were taken hostage in the Kreditbanken by a 32-year-old Jan Erik Olsson, but the victims formed a kind of ama-zing positive relationship with their captor as the hostages quickly forged a strange bond with their abductors in six days of captivity. It is believed that the perpetrators did […]

Smuggling of artifacts

Smuggling of artifacts represents the darker side of globalization as it is inducing extra-legal activity by inciting and abetting corruption within law enforcement agencies. It is also a cause of strain between nations because it has the potential to dampen the gains from legitimate international trade. Since it is difficult to put a precise figure […]

Preventing youths from joining gangs

Since the eruption of Kalashnikov and drug culture in Pakistan, the law and order situation has remained under a constant turbulence. Violence has become widespread and there are visible signs of gang violence as the criminal behavior has grown among the youth. However, no effort ever been made to understand the dynamics that drive juveniles […]

Understanding the culture of police corruption

Not only Pakistan but police authorities across the world do not state the statistics of their corruption and corrupt officials due to fear of loss of public support for the force in fighting crime. However, it is acknowledged that police corruption is one of the greatest obstacles to fighting of crime and securing the confidence […]

Prioritizing objectives by the police

Ayaz is dead, and the investigator is searching through the items left in his apartment. With each discovered item, the investigator begins to piece together the story of Ayaz’s death. A show like crime scene investigation would maintain its focus on this search and puzzle solving. But the focus suddenly shifts in a dramatic way […]

Pre-trial detentions undermine the chances of free trial

On October 1, 2017, our prisons had 84,287 inmates in 112 prisons administered by provinces/Administrative Territories (ATs), while the authorized capacity was 53,744, a figure clearly showing that how our prisons are over-burdened. Moreover, 66 percent of the total number of inmates in Pakistani prisons were still undergoing trial and are considered as pre-trial detainees. […]

Partnering with community Panacea for police encounters

On May 25, Minneapolis police officers arrested George Floyd, accused for buying cigarettes with a counterfeit $20 bill. Seventeen minutes after the first squad car arrived at the scene, Mr. Floyd was unconscious and pinned beneath three police officers, showing no signs of life. The Police Department fired all four of the officers involved in […]

Miscarriage of justice

Mistakes are bound to occur in any system and Criminal Justice System is no exception. There are instances, when factually guilty escaped conviction and the innocent is judged falsely. The errors committed by the police are considered as the errors of criminal justice system and viewed as ‘miscarriage of justice’.The intentional or unintentional mistakes committed […]

Prisoners’ right to healthcare

The past few decades have seen extraordinary changes in the health of average citizens and the prison inmates are no exception. The multitude of problems accelerated due to constant decay of urban spaces, setting-up of unplanned urban dwellings, lack of civic amenities, widespread illicit drug use and expanding poverty-associated epidemics, has had a devastating impact […]

Revitalizing the local governments to check COVID-19

Dealing COVID-19 in our country is based on policy responses from the federal and provincial governments as local government are dysfunctional. We are adamant to get out of the situation without the involvement ofmunicipalities or local governments. In other parts of world, devolution of power has helped and playedan important role in supporting people, nonprofits, […]