Shaheen Sehbai

Zealots stupidly make a mess of a real issue

At a breakfast meeting in Islamabad with former PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, some TV anchors and a former Radio Pakistan Head discussed politics and much more a few days ago.Within days, many of these peers filed a petition in Islamabad High Court against PEMRA directives to ban speeches on TV of some convicted politicians, especially, […]

Islamic country intervened but rebuffed by Washington – Nawaz fails in getting US support against Imran Khan

WASHINGTON’S political and security establishment was recently approached by an Islamic country, a dear friend of Pakistan, to try and help Nawaz Sharif in the UK as he has launched an aggressive campaign against Pakistan’s security establishment.The move was made before President Trump got Covid-19 and moved to the hospital. There was little appetite in […]

The question everyone is asking

In the last few days, when I broke my silence and started appearing on Pakistani TV shows again almost all the TV anchors and U-Tube hosts asked the same question over and over again: “ Why has Nawaz Sharif declared war on the army and the establishment and that what will happen now.”The answer to […]

Together, they all stand exposed

In complete silence bordering on secrecy and with complete understanding a lot has happened on the national scene untangling many political and national security issues. There is a well known proverb that an elephant has different teeth for different purposes, but the elephants of our country and their associates have the same teeth though their […]

NDMA and army fighting water, garbage woes A master stroke that could change entire landscape of Karachi, Sindh

KAPTAAN Imran Khan and his struggling team were desperately looking for a loose ball to handle Karachi and Sindh, as nothing was working despite a comfortable mandate given by Karachi to PTI.Then God came down.Everyone, and his aunt telltale, was shouting from the rooftop that Karachi, and Sindh, had been ignored and left to the […]

Why does Imran Khan put fuel on the fiery debate on minus-1 vs minus-all

A STEAMY debate on pushing PM Imran Khan out of politics, or out of office, has gained mainstream media attention after the PM stood up in the Parliament and cautioned that if he was ousted, the accountability process will continue with equal or even greater speed.But Khan was not at all saying that he was […]