Syed Anwar Mahmood

Gujranwala outburst, beginning of the end or end of the beginning?

I do not know where to begin and where to end. The PDM rally in Gujranwala was expectedly large and charged no matter what Ministers and PTI spokespersons may say. And how much one hopes they say less and think more. That city and the cities and towns around it have been PML-N country for […]

Tomato and potato, federal or provincial?

There was a time when towns and cities in Pakistan had effectively functioning price control committees. They would take round of the markets with or without the market inspectors in tow. They would hold regular meetings with the market committees and review the prevailing prices of meat and vegetables, fish and fruit. People would crib […]

The Kakul speech be read carefully by both: Pakistan cannot be let into another tailspin

Today is October 12 and I had intended to recount the events of this day in 1999 when we saw the country taken over by the military for the fourth time in a little over five decades since it gained independence. Unfortunately, there is so much happening here today again that I find myself forced […]

With two former PMs now under his wings, the Maulana is on a roll

As the crucial FATF Pakistan review is set for later this month, its consequences for Pakistan are not even remotely on the the country’s political radar. Except of course of those in the government directly involved in the firefight. Democracy and politics are intertwined. So are democracy and poverty for democracy is supposed to address […]

The new South Sindh debate

Rolled out by MQM Pakistan, a new debate has begun on creation of South Sindh as a new Province carved out of the urban areas of Sindh, mostly Karachi and Hyderabad, if I have understood the MQMP proposal correctly. And as was expected, there has been an immediate reaction from the PPP government in Sindh […]

From APC to MPC to PDM, what next?

The APC rebranded as MPC has given birth to PDM. So far so good. But what next? I do not remember any alliance formed to launch an anti government movement give a four month notice to launch its long march to capture Islamabad. May be I am not reading the notes right but announcing to […]

Our police, politics and criminal justice system all work against the weak whosoever be in the saddle

I am at a loss for words. What happened to the mother of three on the Lahore-Sialkot motorway cannot be condemned in words. No words are enough to condemn that inhuman act, which makes me, wonder if we are humans. And if we are, what level of human beings inhibits this land of ours. It […]

The Punjab police saga: What is good for the goose is not good for the gander

SYesterday was a sad day for sound policing and good governance in Punjab. Indeed for Pakistan because Punjab is over 50% of the country’s population. With the removal of the fifth Inspector General of Police in two years, the signal to the police officers and the bureaucracy in general is clear: do as told or […]

Our Rahbars and their APCs

They met and decided to meet again on the 20th of this month. The next meeting will be called APC with a larger number in attendance. And where will it be held? The Zardari House in Islamabad. The house hasn’t had much of an activity for some time and the APC will serve as a […]

Karachi transformation needs a holistic solution

Two developments regarding Karachi transmit a ray of hope. For now they are not more than a ray. First, the Army Chief visited Karachi to assess firsthand the situation there and in interactions with stakeholder groups assured of transforming Karachi in three years. One assumes that that transformation will also be visible in that city’s […]