Syed Anwar Mahmood

Machh massacre and PM, time is of the essence

Whether on a battle field or in politics or indeed in any decision making situation, time is of the essence. If not taken when required, the best decision can turn sour at best and can cause irreparable loss at worst. The PTI government is fast getting branded for its indecisiveness or not taking the right […]

If 2020 was a hurricane, 2021 will be no better without a constitutional overhaul

2020 was like a hurricane or an earthquake if you will. Its after effects or shocks would continue to be felt across the globe for a long time.Covid-19 hit early in the year and has since been ravaging the world like a hurricane, bringing deaths and destruction the like of which one would earnestly pray […]

It was Zardari’s day in Larkana as he trumped the rest

Was it PPP’s day in Larkana yesterday. Apparently, but actually Zardari’s in my reckoning. Not because it was Benazir’s death anniversary and the expected annual gathering of jiyalas but because it showed yet again that Zardari has no political equal in Pakistan. He is clearly the shrewdest of them all. For the party’s and indeed […]

Shahbaz-Durrani meeting significant and positive but one swallow doesn’t make spring

Mr. Muhammad Ali Durrani and I have worked closely during a politically stressful period. He was then the Minister of Information and Broadcasting in the Cabinet of Mr. Shaukat Aziz with General Musharraf riding his roughest last year as the President. I was then into my third year as the Federal Secretary for Health after […]

Where the elected are treated like sacrificial lambs, those electing them hardly matter

Pakistan is nearing half a million Corona affected and nearly ten thousand Corona deaths. Nearly half of the total affected belong to Sindh. The PPP government in the province has ordered smart lockdowns in certain areas of Karachi and now Hyderabad which is the right course. Karachi is testing record level Covid positives and needs […]

The Lahore Jalsa–wrong narrative at the wrong place at a wrong time

They came, they spoke and they dispersed. There were no waves of any kind, not even of the promised masses. Why? Was it an importune moment? Was it the fear of Covid 19? Was it the cold and chilly wind of mid December Lahore? Or is it that the so called Covid-18 hasn’t yet run […]

At stake is Pakistan’s stability and the democratic system, not just Imran’s government

Prime Minister Imran Khan is in a very testing situation. And that is an understatement. The problem is that his predicament is also Pakistan’s. Thus the need for statesmanship rather than politics. This is a moment when the politician in Imran Khan must take the back seat and the statesman in him must come forward. […]

With both Covid and ruthless politics raging, who will prevent another 1977?

Looking at the Friday congregation at Islamabad’s Faisal mosque, It appeared Pakistan is now Corona free. And it comes at the back of the Prime Minister’s declaration on the same day that mosques will not be closed but SOPs will be implemented. Casual and indifferent as we generally are, the Prime Minister’s statements must always […]

Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali, the gentleman PM

It is with a heavy heart that I am using the word late for Mr Jamali under who I worked with as the Federal Secretary for Information & Broadcasting. It would have been a very stressful assignment for me but for the kind and considerate disposition of the Prime Minister. Stressful not just because that […]

Politics in Pakistan is a zero sum game, be it the economy or the pandemic

As we keep hearing from our distinguished political and economic commentators and analysts,politics in Pakistan is a zero sum game.I share their views though with much anguish because this zero sum game is pushing us into a pit from where it may not be possible to pull the country back up.As one columnist very aptly […]