Syed Anwar Mahmood

The reshuffled team must now be left to play out the last overs undisturbed

The captain has rearranged the batting order yet another time. It is perfectly in order. It is the captain’s prerogative to do so. The only worry is that it has come well into his team’s second innings. And that may not be an easy adjustment for the players. With 32 of his mandated 60 months […]

Vaccines availability & pricing: matter of life and death, not politics

Our politicians are neither dumb nor blind. And they are all keenly aware of what benefits them and what harms them. So, what is one to make of such news as a resolution in the Senate of Pakistan asking for free anti Covid vaccine to the entire population and reducing the price of vaccine being […]

Covid vaccines: Transparency should just do its work and let nations and governments do theirs

Pakistan has taken a prudent decision and a timely one at that in allowing the private sector to import anti Covid vaccines to enable those who can afford to pay for them to get them. It is therefore intriguing to find Transparency International Pakistan criticise the government for the decision. One, it is not its […]

Govt’s demand for ECP to resign has more to it than meets the eye

A government is supposed to act and move in moderation,in self restraint and in measured steps.Once elected to office,a political party gets invested with a dual role and dual responsibility:running the party and running the government.And its later role as a government takes precedence.It has to understand and appreciate the difference between the two roles […]

PTI gets a breather to focus on governance, inflation and unemployment. Will it?

Black and white will remain black and white as long as they flow in separate streams. Put them in the same stream and they both turn grey. Both lose their colour, their identity. The just concluded Senate elections must be analysed in that background. There is uneasiness both in PMLN and PPP ranks, more in […]

Break oath of office of PM yet remain eligible for public office

Pakistan must be the only country in the world where two Prime Ministers, even after being disqualified by the country’s highest court from holding public office on charges of corruption and or corrupt practices, are both actively steering the nation’s politics, one from the cosy comfort of London and the other from under the wings […]

Tomorrow: it is all on the razor edge including democracy itself

The Prime Minister’s address last evening was candid, forthright and passionate too. There was not a word one could disagree with. It would have struck a chord with all those who want a cleansing of the stable. But you and I do not matter. The stable owners do. I am at a loss for words. […]

50 years ago this day when Bangladesh was born, virtually

The Dhaka Stadium was nearly full. Pakistan was playing against the MCC and for the first time a player from the then East Pakistan was part of the Pakistan team, twelfth man Raqib if I remember correctly. As the teams walked off the field for lunch at 12 local time, I too hurried out to […]

Hotline contacts yes but let us not read too much in it

What is there to gloat about in the Pak-India DsGMO’s hotline contact of Thursday? For that is what one saw most of our media do all of Thursday and yesterday. This hotline has been there since 2003.I remember the then Maj Gen Kiyani, who was then our DGMO and went on to become the Army […]

Bye-elections: N retains, PTI enlarges vote bank; Maulana and PPP irrelevant and ECP stands up

In the din and doubt created by the by-elections last Friday,perhaps nobody has given thought to the greater political message that it has conveyed.Nobody seems to be aware of the actual losers,perhaps not even the actual losers themselves.In the PMLN heartland of Punjab (Daska and Wazirabad), PMLN and PTI fought to a nail biting finish.Who […]