Regional stability It’s time to restore peace in Afghanistan

Regional stability It’s time to restore peace  in Afghanistan

After arrival of Taliban, Afghanistan has been turned into breeding ground for none-state actors, coming from each and every corner of earth

Lyse Doucet, presenter and correspondent at BBC, paints a vivid and thought-provoking picture of Current Afghan imbroglio: “All questions asked in 1989 as Soviet left are asked again as NATO pack up. When will Kabul fall? Will there be talk? How long can president hold on? “ The shocking aspect of America’s Afghan war was that it ended without conclusion. This is indeed very dangerous development as war of no result could end up in further bloodshed and cataclysm. Neither America has been declared victor nor Taliban have vanquished. The outcome of twenty-year long war hanged in balance, notwithstanding immeasurable devastations.
Unfinished war bears a stunning feature which tend to diversify it from complete and decisive war. Sometime it causes global war of unimaginable destructions. Clash of interests and longstanding animosity of states involved in such sort of war push the world toward inferno of Global war .It is not difficult to fathom that every state is in haste to jump into war without examining its repercussions. Haste is understandable as every state naturally think that any procrastination would give potential edge to its foes. There are three main illustrations when war of no result led global wars. First is The First World War of 1914-18. Axis powers such as Germany, Italy and Japan categorically refused to accept verdict of war. Germany was found languishing in prison of revenge in subsequent years of war .To satiate its spirit of revenge over humiliation meted out at Versailles and undo works of treaty of Versailles of 1918, Germany set in motion massive war preparation after takeover of Nazism at 1933.Germans invasion of Poland in 1939 triggered holocaust of Second world war and undoubtedly Unfinished War of 1914/18 contributed for this unmitigated human disaster.
Korea war (1950-53) was other best example of war of no verdict. Clash of ideas between capitalist and communist had not been turned into cold war, had there not been Korean War. Despite unparalleled damages, war was ended without any result. But it helped to divide cosmos into two hostile and belligerent blocks. Internati-onal community narrowly escaped from nuclear Armageddon during Crisis of Bay Big of Cuban in 1961 when both giants of cold war came face to face. Korea, no doubt, provided first wide pitch where inning of ascendancy of world has begun. Peace of world banished for 40 years till end of cold war at 1989.Third illustration of unsuccessful war was Soviet-Afghan war of 1979-89 which ultimately engulfed entire world into Global War on Terror.
In December 1979 Soviet Union entered Afghan-istan in an attempt to bolster Pro Russian Noor Mohammad Taraki regime. Taraki Administration was on the edge of collapse due to internal conflicts.
Toxic fallout of Soviet Afghan war was that it ended without declaration of victory and defeat. Soviet withdrawal descended Afghanistan into vortex of civil war. Every ceasefire effort was torpedoed as warring factions and Kabul Administration remained stubborn in their merciless stance. This uncertain and precarious status-quo haunted the country till takeover of Kabul by Taliban in 1995.
After arrival of Taliban, Afghanistan has been turned into breeding ground for none-state actors, coming from each and every corner of earth. Focus of world has gradually been shifting from Balkan quagmire towards Afghanistan. Signs of Global War on Terrorism begun appearing at horizon. Attack of Twin towers of America served last straw at camel back which unleashed world war of Terrorism. Global war of Terror still holds peace and tranquility of world in hostage.
After withdrawal of U.S forces, the Taliban offensive and counter moves of Ashraf Ghani administration is not good omen for peace in bruised and tormented Afghanistan. Recent conquests of two paramount important crossings such as Islam Qala at Iranian Frontier and Torghundi crossing with Turkmenistan destined to determine future course. Qala naw at Herat and Spin Boldak also fell before Taliban militants. March of victory of Taliban and retaliatory air strikes and ground operation of Ashraf Ghani Administration is ample proof that war has not ended, despite occupation of Afghanistan for two decades. Looming threat of another round of bloodshed and butchering has again been hovering over the dark and unfortunate sky of Afghanistan.
Reign of lawlessness might have caused foreign intervention. Threat of intervention of Russia and Iran is particularly a matter of grave concern. Russia is resurgent power and it would not squander any chance of rebuilding of its lost empire. It is not surprising that Russian Empire suffered dismemberment thrice in history but it reconstructed again for third consequent times. Emerging ugly nightmare in Afghanistan might be paved the way of Russia’s intervention.
Iran has also huge stakes in Afghanistan. To protect northern areas which are mainly populated by Shia communities, Iran might taste flavor of intervention in Afghan morass. Keeping in view examples of First World War and Korean War, the possibility of another global War couldn’t be ignored in the current scenario of Afghanistan. There is need of serious introspection and soul-searching on the part of world community with regard of stormy situation in Afghanistan. Any delay would be largely detrimental to the international community. Call for ‘Peace Conference’ by Islamabad to bring all stakeholders onbaord is the ray for hope at the long tunnel of disappointment.