Teen depression on the rise

Teen depression  on the rise

Teenage depression is rising briskly and often being treated erroneously. This is a major problem because depression has fatal effects on adolescents. Adolescents committing suicide. There are also various causes of depression which lead to disastrous effects that might impair a teenager’s life. Every human being can infrequently feel down, yet depression is a constant feeling which is considered to be a mental disorder.
There are two major diverse forms of depression; major and minor depression. Major depression affects one’s life from functioning normally. For instance, it affects a person’s daily routine as it also affects one’s capability to sleep, eat, and enjoy delightful events. Moreover, minor depression is not permanent; it lasts for at least two weeks. Minor depression eventually leads to major depression. It is indispensable for one to know the causes and symptoms of teenage depression in order to know how to avoid and combat it. Teenage depression has many different causes; teen depression is a serious mental health issue that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest in activities. It affects how your teenager thinks, feels and behaves, and it can cause emotional, functional and physical problems.
Although depression can occur at any time in life, symptoms may be different for teens and adults. Issues such as peer pressure, academic expectations and changing bodies can bring a lot of ups and downs for teens. But for some teens, the lows are more than just temporary feelings they’re a symptom of depression. Teen depression isn’t a weakness or something that can be overcome with willpower – it can have serious consequences and requires long-term treatment. For most teens, depression symptoms ease with treatment such as medication and psychological counselling.
Teen depression signs and symptoms include a change from the teenager’s previous attitude and behaviour that can cause significant distress and problems at school or home, in social activities, or in other areas of life.
If one is alert to the symptoms; it is easy to prevent the disease. The symptoms are considered very helpful determinants that foreshadow to teenagers the depression they might face. Symptoms can also help teenagers avoid depression, since symptoms happen before they are actually depressed. Moreover, it notifies the teenagers’ parents that their children are going to suffer from depression. Most probably the teenagers’ family and friends will be the first to notice the depression symptoms.
One of the main symptoms of depression is losing interest in all activities. It is an obvious symptom when teenagers start withdrawing from activities. When teenagers sleep too much or experience insomnia, it is, definitely, a symptom of depression. Anhedonia is another symptom that occurs to adolescents, it is known as the teenagers’ inability to enjoy things that was previously enjoyable. There are no symptoms for traumatic events because it is unexpected to happen. If symptoms of depression are not noticed by teenagers and dealt with, it will not prevent the cause from happening. The question arises is why depression is common in one’s teenage years.
One of the main causes of teenage depression is extreme trauma. In other words, teenagers are depressed when they are sexually, mentally, or physically abused. Moreover, trauma might also occur to those who lost a parent, someone they love, or faced medical illness. An example of traumatic event, a teenage girl lost her father in a motorcycle accident which made her suffer and eventually became depressed. Another example, two teenage brothers lost their mother in a car accident, and after six months they lost their father in another car accident. This is a traumatic situation that caused depression for both teenagers. Moreover, it was stated by their relative that both brothers have been suffering from depression for more than six months. When teenagers are traumatized, it makes them feel insecure, unsafe, and helpless.According to teen treatment centre, it was stated that teenagers who face traumatic events do not get the effective treatment they need. This is because approximately eighty six percent of sexual abuses on adolescents are not reported. It was also stated that about 5 percent of teenagers in the world suffer from depression. This shows the seriousness of teenage depression which leads to severe effects, moreover, it might lead to suicide. Another determinant why teenagers suffer from depression is because of the inherited traits. In other words, teenagers can suffer from depression if they have a family member who suffered or still suffers from depression. Depression is known to be mental disorder; this is why it can be inherited like any other disease.
The menace of depression is rising with each passing day in Pakistan. The epidemiological studies from Pakistan have given rise conflicting findings. Besides very high prevalence in different studies, rates from Northern Pakistan are much different from big urban centre such as Karachi. If the findings of these studies are to be taken at face value than every third Pakistani is expected to be suffering from depression and Anxiety. Obviously this has serious implications for the country’s mental health care scenario. There are design, sampling and methodological issues which need to be revisited. This review aims to This review presents a critique, from an epidemiological perspective, on studies carried out in Pakistan on estimating rates and risk factors of depression. It is expected that this critique will serve to enhance awareness on research methods in psychiatry and suggest future directions for research in this important area.
Depressive disorder are reported to be higher in women than men. This is consistent with the estimates from western countries. However one disparity that is observed is significantly higher rates in married than single females. Literature, from western countries, considers marriage to be a protective factor. It can be hypothesized that there are socio-cultural stressors specific to Pakistani culture that renders married females vulnerable to depression. One can ask; is this factual or an artefact of measurement?
Teens should comprehend that depression is a mental disorder that might ruin their lives forever. Therefore, they should implement the given solution in order to diminish depression’s negative effects. Adolescents should seek treatments because it will definitely help them heal. However, awareness should be increased on all social levels to enlighten teenagers who suffer from depression. Depression is a severe problem that must be immediately addressed.