The question everyone is asking

In the last few days, when I broke my silence and started appearing on Pakistani TV shows again almost all the TV anchors and U-Tube hosts asked the same question over and over again: “ Why has Nawaz Sharif declared war on the army and the establishment and that what will happen now.”
The answer to this question is the same. When Nawaz Sharif tried his best to get concessions and sympathy for himself, and his party, by using the old tactics that always worked in the past, he got only one big concession and was allowed to leave the country.
Other issues made no headway. The cases against him and his family continue, all secret and overt attempts to get in touch with the security institutions failed, and a stage came when the ISPR had to openly state that the army will not interfere with political or legal issues.
It was then that Mian Nawaz Sharif realized that doors had been closed and so he changed his tone and started making aggressive and offensive statements. Not many in Pakistan likes his words except some defeated, desperate and nervous people. Others just went along as the Opposition parties wanted to use him to achieve their own political goals.
The PPP wants Imran Khan out of power somehow, but is not ready to leave its government in Sindh or resign from the National Assembly at any cost.
Maulana Fazlur Rehman wants to get rid of not only Imran Khan but the entire assembly to pave the way for new elections. Other smaller parties have very little standing or not much to gain. The three big parties are the real players.
Obviously many people outside the country are happy but even they are not ready to say that Nawaz Sharif will win somehow or the rest of the parties will stand by him.
Our analysts and writers may have a biased opinion, but I saw the news and analysis of a popular newspaper, The Asia Times, 80 per cent of which contained praises for Nawaz Sharif and stories of his courage and bravery.
But the newspaper had to write a few lines of truth as well. It Nawaz Sharif had attacked the Establishment at the right time and in the right way, but in the very next line raised the question of whether the Nawaz League itself, the PPP or other parties could carry this heavy burden or load on their shoulders. The newspaper immediately reached the conclusion that the honest answer to this question was that it could not happen – the reason being that Zardari could not leave his government in Sindh under any circumstances and would not take any step that would endanger him and let his government go.
Similarly, there are many stalwarts in PML-N who want to mend their ties with the Establishment so that they can come back to power with its help. They don’t even want to confront the army.
Thus, the paper says, the fight is now in the hands of Shahbaz Sharif and Bilawal Zardari, who do not want to take any risk. This analysis was written by Imad Zafar and published in the Asia Times on September 21 and is available on the newspaper website. Nawaz Sharif has been praised but the truth has also been written.
Imran Khan gave special permission to telecast Nawaz Sharif’s powerful speeches and it was a very wise decision. When the people heard that the leader who has become the Prime Minister three times was talking nonsense, the reaction was harsh and he started getting a lot of criticism for speaking against the country.
Some people started saying that it was treason and news started pouring in that Nawaz Sharif was meeting Indian leaders and anti-Pakistan people in London.