Together, they all stand exposed

In complete silence bordering on secrecy and with complete understanding a lot has happened on the national scene untangling many political and national security issues. There is a well known proverb that an elephant has different teeth for different purposes, but the elephants of our country and their associates have the same teeth though their sounds are different at different times and places. Outside, a person is saying something but the moment you shut the door, his sound, style and words all change. It immediately moves from national and public interest to personal and family interest. But everything stands exposed and there is no misunderstanding now about anyone.
What the political parties said first in secret and later in open meetings and what they subsequently did was seen by all. Everyone thought the other was a fool. Attempts were made first secretly and then openly to blackmail on FATF law. When things did not work out and the guardians of national security spoke a little more openly, all of them came to their senses and under the cover of anti-government slogans rushed out of the House to let the government do its job. Then no one had the courage to stand up and be counted. So, hiding behind each other, they began to raise their voices. The lawyers were asked to convene a conference of different parties which was a trailer of a movie and then everyone in Islamabad came together in what was an attempt to raise the worth and value of their blackmail.
But behind each other’s backs, they all quietly arrived at the “agriculture department’s” warehouse to dine, and what they said there was very different. A federal minister appeared on TV and unfolded the whole story of what happened inside. Sheikh Rashid had spilled most of the beans already. It turned out that the politicians directly invited the feudal lords of the ‘agriculture department’ to ensure fair elections in the country. No one is trusted anymore, they said. The same people once out of the room raise hue and cry about why these “agriculturists” get into every job. When the answer came, “go and do your job, don’t drag us into your dirty pond,” they all had drawn faces and dropped jaws. They soon resumed their conspiracies. Those who are in Pakistan and are being punished for their sins have remained silent. They, however, signaled their comrades who have fled abroad to insult the army and the security agencies. It was prudent of Prime Minister Imran Khan to let Nawaz Sharif indulge in his diatribe in front of everyone. His suicidal act was seen and heard by all Pakistanis.
The same Mian Nawaz Sharif who had left the country from the back door on the pretext of illness and after some assurances and some apologies now started showing his true colors and started inciting everyone to go and hang himself or herself on the cross while he enjoys the fresh and cool air of London.
One Maulana Sahib was so angry that he was ready for nothing less than resignations, but when the ‘agriculture department’ called, he immediately sent his son and the poor political minor came back from there with a proper dressing down. He was asked, “Son, your father calls the assembly illegitimate, so how are you sitting in this illegitimate house? And for your father, that house was very clean if he was elected President.”
No one would have ever been insulted in such a manner in front of so many people. Maulana Sahib was thrown away like a used tissue paper by the bigger parties in the last sit-in. But now Maulana Sahib has become wiser and has started holding meetings again but on the principle of cash first, transaction later.