Permitting Nawaz to go abroad a sheer mistake: Rasheed Lauds NAB’s role for sending corrupt behind bars

Permitting Nawaz to go abroad  a sheer mistake: Rasheed  Lauds NAB’s role for sending corrupt behind bars


ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad on Friday said that National Accountability Bureau (NAB), is taking action against people who are involved in corruption and money laundering.
NAB is working efficiently and putting the corrupt personalities behind the bars, he said while talking to a private television channel. The government has constituted a committee for reforms, he informed. Commenting on Nawaz Sharif, he said it was a sheer mistake for permitting Nawaz Sharif to go abroad.
About introducing electronic voting machine system for the next elections, he said election commission and Opposition had expressed reservations over the use of EVM. Replying to a question about rising inflation, he said the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), government is going to provide relief to the poor through subsidy on essential items. Justifying the hike in prices of ghee and other items, he said internationally, we are facing fluctuation in petroleum prices and ghee was being imported to fulfill need of the country.
The minister said the PTI government would have to show further performance to win hearts of the voters for next elections. To a question about TTP, he said we didn’t decide the fate of those Taliban who had been involved in killing and sabotaging peace of this country. To another question about Afghan refugees, he said, we are not going to establish any refugee camp for Afghans this time. The government, he said wanted to send all Afghan refugees back to their country because of peace in the Afghan region. To a question about Indian leader Modi, he said internally and externally, the people and media of Hindustan have started talking against Modi. He said minorities particularly the Muslims are facing worse situation in different states of India. He was of the opinion that the Muslim World should come forward for raising voice of the rights of Muslims living in India.