Let government complete its constitutional term

Let government complete  its constitutional term

It would be unfortunate for establishment to rely on the assurances of the Sharif family, which has tried its best to weaken the state three times in the past

It is unfortunate for Pakistan that as soon as a government is formed, there are demands that it be dismissed. Rumors are circulating that this government is gone now or then. The atmosphere is similar these days. With two-and-a-half left before the constitutional term of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government expires, speculation is rife that his government could fall and new general elections could be held sooner rather than later.
Until a few days ago, the position of Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly Shahbaz Sharif was that he only wanted the 2023 general elections to be fair and impartial. Last week, he abruptly changed his mind. Now he says he can no longer tolerate this government and immediate elections should be held.
Shahbaz Sharif is considered a moderate leader of the PML-N who opposes confrontation with state institutions and wants the current system to work. It is reported that in the last few days, he had meetings with top officials of the authorities (state institutions) in Rawalpindi. Shortly afterwards, he demanded an early general election and distanced away from those in the party who chanted slogans and made speeches against the Pakistan Army and state institutions. However, his elder brother Nawaz Sharif and his daughter Maryam Nawaz are leading the way. Another PML-N leader, Javed Latif, also announced that representatives of the ruling party had held several meetings with Nawaz Sharif in London over the past two months and that Nawaz Sharif would become the Prime Minister of Pakistan for the fourth time. Despite the Supreme Court disqualifying Nawaz Sharif for life, the claim seems to be a political ploy aimed at boosting the morale of Nawaz Sharif’s supporters and strengthening his grip on the party.
The change in Shahbaz Sharif’s stance and tone is significant because the leaders of the two ruling coalition parties, including the MQM (Pakistan) and the PML-Q, also expressed dissatisfaction with Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government.
The PTI does not have a simple majority in the National Assembly. Its federal government is based on the support of these two parties. The general impression about these two parties is that they are under the influence of the Establishment. If the state institutions direct these parties to secede from the government, they will act without delay and Prime Minister Imran Khan will lose his majority in the National Assembly. He will have to resign. It’s not difficult to bring this government down. However, it may be difficult to form a new government to replace it with the other one.
Whether the new PM candidate is Shahbaz Sharif or Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, he cannot get a majority on the strength of their respective parties. The PML-N or PPP will need each other’s support and also some smaller parties like MQM, GDA and PML-Q. It will not be an easy task for all these parties to come together and form a government that will last for a long time. Even in such a case, general elections will have to be held ahead of schedule.
At the moment, these are all the castles built in the air, but it has happened many times in our history. Political maneuvering is going on anyway. The opposition wants to get rid of Imran Khan at all costs so as to stop accountability process. It is becoming increasingly difficult to further adjourn hearings on a number of important money laundering and illicit asset cases on technical grounds.
Those who used to talk about Imran Khan being the puppet prime minister of state institutions and were talking about civilian supremacy have now engaged in secret talks with the authorities to oust the civilian prime minister from the government.
No political party has any ideology or principles. The aim of political leaders is only to protect their accumulated wealth and gain government. The opposition is ready to give all kinds of guarantees to the establishment to send Imran Khan home. Promises are being made but it is not known whether they will be kept later or not. But the question is: why establishment should listen to the opposition? It would be unfortunate for Establishment to rely on the assurances of the Sharif family, which has tried its best to weaken the state three times in the past.
There were three main reasons for Nawaz Sharif’s deteriorating relations with state institutions. First, he had been developing secret contacts in India. Secondly, he was making money through misusing government powers. Third, he tried to discredit the state through Dawn Leaks. Prime Minister Imran Khan has not done anything like that so far. He fully agrees with the establishment on India policy.
The liberal pro-US lobby is at the forefront of opposition to Imran Khan. Because Imran Khan has refused to give US military bases in Pakistan and he is not even allowing Uncle Sam to use airspace for air strikes. The American lobby wants Imran Khan’s government to end and become a government that gives some concessions to the United States. Fearing the people, these people cannot speak openly in favor of the United States, so they propagandize that Imran Khan’s government is incompetent. As in the past, milk and honey streams were flowing in the country which has been closed.
Prime Minister Imran Khan is credited with controlling the corona epidemic very well and saving the country from any major loss. He did not allow the economy to collapse in the last two and a half years of the pandemic, but put it on the path of development. Although Imran Khan’s government has many weaknesses, this does not mean that it should not be allowed to complete his constitutional term. The good of the country and the nation lies in the fact that the elected government completes five years and general elections are held on time. There is no short term solution to the country’s problems.