Bizenjo launches Balochistan Education Support 2 program | Says education basic right of every child, pledges redressal of people problems

Bizenjo launches Balochistan Education Support 2 program |  Says education basic right of every child, pledges redressal of people problems

Staff Report

QUETTA: Balochistan Chief Minister Mir Abdul Quddus Bizenjo has announced that no school will be closed in Balochistan and shelter less schools will be provided with buildings. One of the main reasons for the change of government was the lack of practical work for the provision of education and health facilities.
He expressed these views while addressing the launching ceremony of Balochistan Education Support 2 (BES) program in collaboration with UNICEF and European Union. The Chief Minister said that we will provide education to doorstep and make it possible for the children to have access to schools. The Chief Minister said that it is very unfortunate that doctors and teachers do not go on their duties and a large number of them remain in Quetta. We must crack down on this trend.
He said that education is the basic right of every member of the society and the constitution of our country also gives the right to education to all the citizens of the country without any discrimination. Education is the foundation of every nation, which gives economic growth, social stability and political capability to the nation. It also increases number of skilled workers. The requirements of the present age are technical skills, industrial and vocational education.
He said that our government to work for the solution of the problems of the people. We promised that when we will work then we will hold our performance in front of the people. The Chief Minister said that the plight of Balochistan is not hidden from anyone. Every sector here needs attention and change. But the most important focus of our government is on education sector. Due to the vastness of our province, he said that along with the shortage of teachers in educational institutions, the dropout rate of students is also high, which is definitely a problem that needs to be solved. We may have to take urgent steps to provide quality education to the people of Balochistan. Our indicators are equal to any region of Africa. He said that in today’s advanced age where the world has become a global village; we are still engaged in providing basic facilities in schools. Carpets are used instead of furniture and there are a large number of schools that do not have any building. Even today, millions of our children are deprived of their basic right to education. The Chief Minister said that where development work and employment are necessary, there is an urgent need to improve the education sector as well.
He said we have to take practical steps instead of making education a political slogan. He said that we are looking at provincial development programs and will work on more and more concrete projects in the education sector in the budget.
He said that people of Balochistan are grateful to the European Union and UNICEF for focusing on the education priorities. The Chief Minister said that the Minister of Education and the Department of Education together with all the partners should think about the poor children of Balochistan and take steps in this regard.
Earlier, Education Secretary Abdul Rauf Baloch addressed the function and highlighted the aims and objectives of the program. UNICEF Education Specialist Palwasha Jalalzai also gave a detailed briefing on the program.
Provincial Minister for Education Mir Naseebullah Murree, Provincial Minister for Food Zamrak Khan Achakzai, Member Provincial Assembly Shahina Kakar, Head of Cooperation EU Mr. Ovidio Mike, Chief of Education UNICEF Alan Kalma Thawat, educationists and teachers also attended the function.